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Our mission is to streamline the delivery of adult-use products for dispensaries and ensure a professional, discreet experience for end-users.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gas Guide offer Business to Business transport and delivery?
Yes, we provide delivery between business to business. Please inquire at sales@gasguide.io
What’s Gas Guide’s delivery radius?
We deliver statewide for business to business. Our typical delivery radius is about 5-10 miles from the dispensary. Depending upon a particular location of a dispensary, we can accommodate an even larger delivery radius. Contact us at sales@gasguide.io to see if we can accommodate your needs.
Are Gas Guide drivers insured and vetted?
Yes. The contracted drivers are thoroughly vetted with background checks on a bi-annual basis and carry the required level of insurance.
Does Gas Guide offer same day pickup and delivery?
Yes, Gas Guide orders are picked up and delivered on demand.
How do I manage my orders after they are placed?
Once an order has been successfully placed and received by Gas Guide you can monitor and contact the assigned driver on your tracking page.
When should I submit my request for a delivery pick up?
It’s best that we are notified as soon as possible so that we can ensure timelines and punctuality of the order.
How are orders received by Gas Guide?
Gas Guide provides two options for pick up notifications. Delivery Partners can send a pick up notification manually, via the Gas Guide Order Form or the process can be automated through a platform integration(best option).


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